René Stewart
Helping You Achieve the Health and Wellness You Deserve
 My Journey to Wellness: It Can Be Your Story
My name is René Stewart. I am a 54-year-old wife and mother of two, and I reside in Indianapolis and Vevay, Indiana. I have been a professional hair designer since 1982 and have owned my own business, René's Ultimate You, since 1994.

My reason for starting this blog is to discuss health, starting with my own personal struggles with myriad health issues over the last 30 years. My reason for chronicling my own journey to wellness is not to gain sympathy but to share with you the amazing things I have learned over the last three decades.

The knowledge and wisdom gained from countless sources will help you, just as it has helped me, whether you suffer from chronic fatigue, constant joint ache and fibromyalgia to digestive disorders, mysterious rashes and other skin ailments. 

Like most people, I respect the medical community, but economics often drives health care in 21st-century America. Most modern prescription drugs cure diseases while causing others. Others merely address a disorder's symptoms without identifying the root cause. With no lasting help in sight, I decided to take charge of my own health. Helping you do the same is the primary purpose of this blog.